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30 mars 2005



Individual differences in trait anxiety predict the response of the basolateral amygdala to unconsciously processed fearful faces.
Neuron 44: 1043-1055, 2004.
Etkin A et al.



有意な正の相関(r=.74, p=.0007)が見られた。
# ここの部位の活動量が高い人ほど特性不安得点が高い(または因果的にみてその逆)


以下引用(すべてp.1052 "Discussion"内)

...the relationship between trait anxiety and unconscious neural processes provides a biological
validation for the idea that unconscious mental processes represent part of the underlying
information processing biases of the individual.

Unconscious neural processing biases associated with elevated trait anxiety may reflect
hard-wired differences that cannot be altered. Alternatively, they may be modifiable by
plastic processes, such as those presumably engaged by psychotherapy.

It is not known, however, whether different forms of psychotherapy act primarily by
modifying unconscious processes or only the conscious regulation of behavior.
Furthermore, very little empirical evidence exists about the neural mechanisms
of the different forms of psychotherapy and the relationship of psychotherapy to
the mechanisms of the underlying psychopathology
This study provides an experimental probe for unconsious processes
that is sensitive to an individual'sinformation processing biases, which may be
useful for understanding how anxiety disorders are maintained and how the
anxious outlook of these patients can be modulated by different forms of psychotherapy.

# ↑といったようなことで,なかなか興味深く感じた次第です



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