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12 avr. 2005


Ab050412-1 social anxiety; relational aggression; indirect aggression [z1][z3]
Relational aggression in college students: examining the roles of
social anxiety and empathy.

Ab050412-2 social anxiety; anger [z1][y]
Anger experience and expression in social anxiety disorder:
pretreatment profile and predictors of attrition and response
to cognitive-behavioral treatment.

Ab050412-3 anger; competence [z3]
Anger behavioral competence in anger-prone individuals.(Abstractは下の方)

Ab050412-4 social anxiety [z1][z3][y]
The psychometric properties of the Interpersonal Sensitivity
Measure in social anxiety disorder.

Ab050412-5 social phobia; avoidant personality disorder; aggression [z1][y]
Personality traits in social phobia.

Ab050412-6 perfectionism; anger [z3]
Perfectionism, anger, somatic health, and positive affect.


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