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07 avr. 2005


An050407-1 learning; self-performed [x2]
The effect of encoding strategies on medial temporal lobe activations
during the recognition of words: an event-related fMRI study.


An050407-2 tactile object recognition; tactile object localization [x2]
What vs. where in touch: an fMRI study.
 ※視覚のwhat vs. whereは有名(で,ヒルガードの心理学にも書いてある)

An050407-3 learning [x2]
Learning by strategies and learning by drill-evidence from an fMRI study.

An050407-4 learning [x2]
Hippocampus activity differentiates good from poor learners of a novel lexicon. 
   この「活動の低下」が少なく維持されている人は,good learnerである。

An050407-5 spatial context memory; place/location [x2]
Dissociable brain activations during the retrieval of different kinds of spatial context memory.


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