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11 mai 2005



An050511-1 GAD; intolerance of uncertainty [z1]
Intolerance of uncertainty and information processing:
evidence of biased recall and interpretations.

※ あいまいさの不耐性は,

An050511-2 GAD; social anxiety [z1]
Emotion dysregulation in generalized anxiety disorder:
a comparison with social anxiety disorder.

※ 情動経験の主観的強度が高く,情動理解に乏しく,情動経験にネガティブに反応し,
  不適応的な情動マネジメントをする→GAD,というemotion regulation framework

An050511-3 GAD; metacognition; worry; metaworry [z1]
The metacognitive model of GAD: assessment of
meta-worry and relationship with DSM-IV generalized
anxiety disorder.

※ 否定的なメタ認知信念・メタ心配とGADモデルの検証。「メタ心配質問紙」。

An050511-4 thought suppression; self-esteem; self-referent thoughts [z1]
Effects of suppressing negative self-referent thoughts on mood and self-esteem.
※ 否定的な自己関連思考を「抑制」すると自尊心・気分にどう影響するか。

An050511-5 stress generation; hopelessness [z1]
Stress generation in depression: three studies on its resilience, possible mechanism,
and symptom specificity.

※ 「ストレス生成仮説」と抑うつ症状の関係。

An050511-6 self-regulation; depletion; self-control strength [z1]
Academic examination stress impairs self-control.
※ 自己制御,limited capacity,depletion。「試験」の時バージョン。

An050511-7 self-regulation [z1]
Social exclusion impairs self-regulation.
※ 「社会的疎外」は自己制御を低下させる

An050511-8 self-regulation; self-presentation [z1]
Self-regulation and self-presentation: regulatory resource depletion
impairs impression management and effortful self-presentation
depletes regulatory resources.

※ 自己呈示には自己制御が必要。
# 面白い組み合わせ。自己呈示の「能力」(「特性」ではなく)観をサポート?

An050511-9 depression; daily diary [z1]
Daily depression and cognitions about stress: evidence for a traitlike
depressogenic cognitive style and the prediction of depressive symptoms
in a prospective daily diary study.

※ 「日常的な・日々の」抑うつとストレス認知。日記(日誌)法による検討。


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