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18 août 2005


An050818b-1 synaesthesia; mirror neurons [x2][x1]
Somatosensory activations during the observation
of touch and a case of vision–touch synaesthesia.

 ※ 共感覚者((誰かが)「触られるのを視覚的に見る」と,自分が「触られているように感じる」)

An050818b-2 medial frontal [x2]
Functional Specialization within the Medial Frontal
Gyrus for Perceptual Go/No-Go Decisions Based on
"What," "When," and "Where" Related Information:
An fMRI Study.

 ※ 前頭葉内側でも,What/When/Whereに関するlateralizationが見られる。

An050818b-3 body representation; somatosensory processing [x2]
Viewing the body prepares the brain for touch: effects
of TMS over somatosensory cortex.

 ※ 「見ること」が触知覚を向上させるメカニズムをTMSで検討。


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