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24 oct. 2005


051024m-1 GAD; OCD; depression; confirmatory factor analysis [z1]
The structural relationships among generalized anxiety,
obsessions–compulsions, and depression at the syndrome
and sub-syndrome level

 ※ 心配,身体的不安,強迫観念,強迫行為,認知的抑うつ,身体的抑うつの6因子を
 → 演習(来年度3学期)へ?

051024m-2 indecisiveness; ambiguity; decision making [z3]
Indecisiveness and the interpretation of ambiguous situations
 ※ 不決断傾向。質問紙調査系。

051024m-3 dysphoria; rumination; humor [z3]
Rumination and dysphoria: The buffering role of adaptive forms of humor
 ※ 高ユーモア者はdysphoriaが低く,

051024m-4 dissociation; think-no think task; memory suppression; distractibility [z3]
Dissociation and memory suppression: A comparison
of high and low dissociative individuals’ performance
on the Think–No Think task

 ※ 解離傾向の高低とdistractibilityの程度は関係しない


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