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15 déc. 2005


051215b-1 amygdala; social cognition [x2]
Oxytocin Modulates Neural Circuitry for Social Cognition
and Fear in Humans

051215b-2 medial prefrontal cortex; social cognition [x2]
General and specific contributions of the medial prefrontal cortex to
knowledge about mental states

051215b-3 attruibution; social cognition [x2]
Attributions on the brain: Neuro-imaging dispositional
inferences, beyond theory of mind

051215b-4 simulation; social cognition; mentalizing; biological motion [x2]
Dissociation between emotion and personality judgments:
Convergent evidence from functional neuroimaging

051215b-5 intention; theory of mind; causality; medial prefrontal cortex [x2]
Thinking about intentions

051215b-6 medial prefrontal cortex; self; theory of mind [x2]
The neural correlates of direct and reflected self-knowledge

051215b-7 self-esteem [x2][z3]
Self-esteem, locus of control, hippocampal volume, and cortisol
regulation in young and old adulthood

051215b-8 emotion; anger; amygdala; STS; orbitofrontal [x2]
Emotion and attention interactions in social cognition: Brain regions
involved in processing anger prosody

051215b-9 parietal; aversive [x2]
Role for Human Posterior Parietal Cortex in Visual Processing of Aversive
Objects in Peripersonal Space

051215b-10 categry-specificity; semantic memory; action retrieval [x2]
Action selectivity in parietal and temporal cortex

051215b-11 theory of mind; facial affect; empathy [x2]
Neural mechanism for judging the appropriateness of facial affect

051215b-12 extraversion; personality; dopamine; reward [x2][z3]
Individual differences in extraversion and dopamine genetics
predict neural reward responses

051215b-13 Parkinson's disease; serial reaction time; basal ganglia [x1]
The implicit sequence learning deficit in patients with Parkinson's
disease: A matter of impaired sequence integration?

051215b-14 anterior cingulate; stress [x1][z1]
Perfusion functional MRI reveals cerebral blood flow
pattern under psychological stress



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