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10 avr. 2006


060410m-1 dissociation; fantasy proneness; trauma [z1]
From dissociation to trauma?
Individual differences in dissociation
as predictor of ‘trauma’ perception

060410m-2 social anxiety; negative imagery [z1]
The causal role of negative imagery in social anxiety:
A test in confident public speakers

 # スピーチ不安のもともと低い被験者群に,否定的な自己イメージを抱かせると

060410m-3 intolerance of uncertainty; worry; GAD; OCD [z1]
A comparison of intolerance of uncertainty in
analogue obsessive-compulsive disorder and
generalized anxiety disorder

060410m-4 intolerance of uncertainty; worry; intolerance of ambiguity [z1]
Investigating the construct validity of
intolerance of uncertainty and its
unique relationship with worry

060410m-5 responsibility; perfectionism; checking; cleaning; OCD [z1]
What are the roles of perfectionism and responsibility
in checking and cleaning compulsions?

060410m-6 hope; task performance [z3]
Hope, learning goals, and task performance
 # "trait hope"ねぇ...

060410m-7 forgiveness; depression [z3][z1]
Depression reduces forgiveness selectively as a function
of relationship closeness and transgression

060410m-8 cognitive distortions; impulsivity; sensation seeking [z3][z1]
The relationship between cognitive distortions, impulsivity,
and sensation seeking in a non-clinical population sample

060410m-9 schizotypy; schizophrenia; time perception [z3][z1]
Time perception dysfunction in psychometric schizotypy

060410m-10 alexithmia; temporal stability [z3][z1]
Is alexithymia affected by situational stress or
is it a stable trait related to emotion regulation?

060410m-11 high BMI [z3]
High BMI and reduced engagement and enjoyment of pleasant events
 # この研究では女性においてのみ。

060410m-12 highly sensitive person [z3]
The Highly Sensitive Person: Stress and physical symptom reports
 # 「敏感な」人→ストレス・不健康

060410m-13 fortune; luck; opportunity; chance [z3][z2]
Good fortune, luck, opportunity and their lack:
How do agents perceive them?

060410m-14 stress; memory[z2]
The impact of stress on neutral and emotional aspects of episodic memory
 # Method-Procedureを見ましたが,これは強力に「ストレスフル」な手続きですな。




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