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08 mai 2006


060508[bx2]-1 perceptual knowledge
Perceptual Knowledge Retrieval Activates Sensory Brain Regions
 # 感覚皮質領域がperceptual knowledgeのretrievalに関与するかどうかのイメージング。
   触覚,嗅覚,視覚,聴覚モダリティにおいて,semantic decision課題で検討。

060508[bx2]-2 tool knowledge
Fractionating the Left Frontal Response to Tools:
Dissociable Effects of Motor Experience and Lexical Competition

 # tool knowledgeに関わるleft ventrolateral frontalの検討。

060508[bx2]-3 humor; smiling; grinning
Humor and smiling: Cortical regions selective for
cognitive, affective, and volitional components

 # 自然な笑いと作り笑いの神経基盤の違い(笑)


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