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08 mai 2006


060508[mz1]-1 attentional bias; change detection; spider fear
Fear-relevant change detection in spider-fearful and non-fearful participants
 # change detection paradigmによってクモ恐怖者の注意バイアスを検討。

060508[mz1]-2 social anxiety; dysphoria; emotional Stroop; attentional biases
Attentional biases in social anxiety and dysphoria: Does comorbidity make a difference?
 # social anxiety群ではsocial threatとdepression wordsの色名呼称に時間がかかるが,
    dysphoria群,(social anxiety+dysphoria)comorbid群では注意バイアスが見られなかった。

060508[mz1]-3 social comparison; self-concept clarity; intolerance of uncertainty; depression; anxiety
Relationships between the frequency of social comparisons and
self-concept clarity, intolerance of uncertainty, anxiety, and depression

 # 社会的比較(general, upward, downwardそれぞれ!!)とあれこれ。


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