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07 août 2006


060807[mz1]-1 social anxiety; recognition of emotional expressions
Biased Recognition of Happy Facial Expressions in Social Anxiety
 ※ 高対人(社会)不安傾向者は,他者の幸福表情の認知に時間がかかる

060807[mz1]-2 borderline personality disorder; self-esteem; affective instability
Borderline Personality Features: Instability of Self–Esteem and Affect
 ※ BPD傾向者は,低・不安定な自尊心×高・不安定な否定感情という特徴を。

060807[mz1]-3 shame; guilt
The Differential Relationships of Shame–Proneness and Guilt–Proneness
to Psychological and Somatization Symptoms

 ※ guiltとpsychopathologyっていうよりも,shameとpsychopathology。


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