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24 sept. 2006


060924[mz1]-1 disgust; anxiety; mood induction; interpretational bias
Experienced disgust causes a negative interpretation bias:
A causal role for disgust in anxious psychopathology

 # 嫌悪気分導入による,否定的な方向への解釈バイアス。
    homophone spelling task。

060924[mz1]-2 social anxiety; implicit association task
Implicit views of the self in social anxiety
 # 高対人不安傾向者はimplicit self-esteemがless positive。

060924[mz1]-3 thought suppresion; repressive coping
Long term consequences of suppression of
intrusive anxious thoughts and repressive coping

 # 抑圧的コーピングの短期的・長期的効果。

060924[mz1]-4 perfectionism; inflated responsibility; OCD; mediation
The mediating effects of misinterpretation of intrusive thoughts
on obsessive-compulsive symptoms

 # それらのmediationを検討。




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