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30 nov. 2006


061130[mz1][mz3]-1 Borderline personality; interpersonal behavior
Patterns of interpersonal behaviors and borderline personality characteristics
 # "autonomous" と "dependent" というBPDのサブタイプを大学生で。

061130[mz1][mz3]-2 BIS; BAS; personality disorder
Behavioral inhibition and activation dimensions:
Relationship to MMPI-2 indices of personality disorder

 # BISとクラスターC,BASとクラスターBの関連。クラスターAはmixed。

061130[mz1][mz3]-3 aggression; anger; anthropomorphism; vehicle
Driver personality and anthropomorphic attributions of vehicle personality
relate to reported aggressive driving tendencies

 # 運転手と,車の「擬人化」(性別や名前,性格の付与)が,運転時の怒りや攻撃と関連があるか?
      ある程度,運転時におけるdriving anger/aggressionと関連がある。

061130[mz1][mz3]-4 forgiveness; narcissism; guilt; self-esteem; agreeableness
Who forgives others, themselves, and situations?
The roles of narcissism, guilt, self-esteem, and agreeableness

 # 自分へのゆるしと他者へのゆるし。


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