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23 déc. 2006


リストアップだけ。brain - lesion study系。

061223[bx1]-1 superior prefrontal gyrus; WM
Functions of the left superior frontal gyrus in humans: a lesion study

061223[bx1]-2 amygdala; emotion; music; fear; arousal; valence
Amygdala damage impairs emotion recognition from music

061223[bx1]-3 fvFTD; ToM; affective decison-making
The relationship between affective decision-making and theory of mind
in the frontal variant of fronto-temporal dementia

061223[bx1]-4 dressing disability
Action errors and dressing disability after stroke:
An ecological approach to neuropsychological assessment and intervention

 # 着衣障害の論文は珍しい。

061223[bx1]-5 semantic dementia; FTD; progressive aphasia; Alzheimer disease
Behavioral features in semantic dementia vs other forms of progressive aphasias
 # semantic dementiaでもFTD様の行動症状が出現し,その点PPA/ADとは異なる。

061223[bx1]-6 semantic dementia; action comprehension
Actions anchored by concepts: defective action comprehension in semantic dementia
 # semantic dementiaで行為理解の障害の検討。


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