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23 déc. 2006


brain - imaging 系。

061223[bx2]-1 observational learning; intraparietal sulcus
Modulation of Neural Activity during Observational
Learning of Actions and Their Sequential Orders

061223[bx2]-2 violent video games; anterior cingulate cortex; amygdala
Toward brain correlates of natural behavior:
fMRI during violent video games

061223[bx2]-3 visuospatial attention; apraxia; object use; pantomime; tool use
Processing the spatial configuration of complex actions
involves right posterior parietal cortex: An fMRI study
with clinical implications

061223[bx2]-4 theory of mind; self
Overlapping and non-overlapping brain regions for
theory of mind and self reflection in individual subjects

 # ストーリー理解課題(「心の理論」)と形容詞が自分にあてはまるか課題(「自己反省」)
   medial prefrontalとmedial precuneus(medial parietal)に,共通してactivateされる箇所が。

061223[bx2]-5 voice; emotion; prosody; happiness
The voice of emotion: an FMRI study of neural responses
to angry and happy vocal expressions

 # 「幸せそうな声」っていうのはsalientな役割を有していることが示唆されました。

061223[bx2]-6 political attitude; party affiliation; face
Us versus them: Political attitudes and party affiliation influence
neural response to faces of presidential candidates

 # 「あちらの候補」の顔(@選挙)には,ほんとうんざりさせられるぜのイメージング。

061223[bx2]-7 social cognition; first impression; trait inferences; face
Spontaneous retrieval of affective person knowledge in face perception
 # 社会心理学で言うところの「印象形成」の脳活動。

061223[bx2]-8 amgdala; OFC; reward; face; social judgment
Brain systems for assessing facial attractiveness

061223[bx2]-9 anticipation; pessimistic; cautious
Neural correlates of a ‘pessimistic’ attitude when anticipating
events of unknown emotional valence

061223[bx2]-10 sarcasm; ToM; mentalizing
Neural substrates of sarcasm: A functional magnetic-resonance imaging study
 # 皮肉とかイヤミ(sarcasm)理解。左BA47がmentalizingと言語処理がinteractするところ。

061223[bx2]-11 TCI; harm avoidance; voxel-based morphometry
Volume of left amygdala subregion predicted temperamental
trait of harm avoidance in female young subjects.
A voxel-based morphometry study

 # 女性でHAと左扁桃体の体積に正の相関が。


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