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23 déc. 2006


061223[mz3]-1 perfectionism; personality; self-presentation
Trait perfectionism and perfectionistic self-presentation in personality pathology

061223[mz3]-2 intrusions; thought suppression; trauma
The generalizability of thought suppression ability to novel stimuli

061223[mz3]-3 cognitive self-consciousness; meta-worry; tought suppression
Are there specific meta-cognitions associated with vulnerability
to symptoms of worry and obsessional thoughts?

061223[mz3]-4 TCI; BIS/BAS
Relationships between Cloninger’s biosocial model of personality
and the behavioral inhibition/approach systems (BIS/BAS)

 # BISとharm avoidanceやreward dependence,
    BASとnovelty seekingやpersistence。

061223[mz3]-5 indecision; self-regulation; self-control strength model
Regulating speed, accuracy and judgments by indecisives:
Effects of frequent choices on self-regulation depletion


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