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22 avr. 2007



070422[mz1]-7 depression; intrusive memories; avoidance; perspective
Cognitive avoidance of intrusive memories:
Recall vantage perspective and associations with depression

070422[mz1]-8 depression; implicit; explicit
Explicit and implicit cognition:
A preliminary test of a dual-process theory of cognitive vulnerability to depression

070422[mz1]-9 social anxiety; post-event processing
Post-event processing in social anxiety

070422[mz1]-10 depression; rumination; self-discrepancy; metacognition
On the links between self-discrepancies, rumination, metacognitions,
and symptoms of depression in undergraduates

070422[mz1]-11 body image; body dissatisfaction; risk factors
Predictive models for understanding body dissatisfaction
among young males and females in China


« 070422[mz1]愛着不安×愛着回避→愛着語への注意回避 | Accueil | 国立大学の大学院生に占める同大学の学部出身者(内部進学者)を最大3割程度に抑える »

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