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08 mai 2007



070508[mz1]-3 OCD
Obsessive-compulsive behaviours in specific situations:
The relative influence of appraisals of control, responsibility and threat

"desire for control"と"sense of control"がOCDとどういう関係にあるか。

070508[mz1]-4 anxiety disroders; personality traits
Personality traits and anxiety symptoms: The multilevel trait predictor model

070508[mz1]-5 worry; responsibility
Responsibility to continue thinking and worrying: Evidence of incremental validity

070508[mz1]-6 bulimic; perfectionism; self-esteem
The interaction of perfectionism, perceived weight status, and self-esteem
to predict bulimic symptoms: The role of ‘benign’ perfectionism

単に自尊心を高めれば改善するってわけじゃなく,もっと複雑=three-way interactions。


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