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04 août 2007


070804[bx2]-2 emotional regulation; cognitive control;
Modulation of anticipatory emotion and perception processing by cognitive control

認知行動療法の"reality checking"みたいなことをすると,
 → 左前頭前野(内側部・背外側部)の活動は上昇し,


...Findings within this field of research may help to understand the
neurobiological correlates of psychotherapeutic interventions. They
further may be drawn on for the purpose of treatment response
predction and treatment effect monitoring, for instance, by
monitoring MPFC activity over the course of psychotherapy. As a
perspective, one may even contemplate the application of
reappraisal in fMRI settings with real-time feedback of respective
MPFC or amygdalar activity as a method of cognitive training in the
treatment of affective disorders...

→ "experimental fMRI therapy" ってのもありかと。


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