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24 août 2007

070824[bx2]voluntary action,intentional action,willed action

070824[bx2]-1 dorsal frontomedian cortex; self-control; fMRI
To Do or Not to Do: The Neural Signature of Self-Control

(あと,両側anterior insulaとか左側STSとか)




...The inhibition of intentional action has been primarily neglected
both in the neuroscientific literature on response inhibition and
in that on intentional action. Our findings suggest that inhibition
of intentional action involves cortical areas different from, and
upstream from, the intentional generation and execution of action.

...Our results provide the first clear
neuroscientific basis for the widely held view that people can
refrain from doing something even if they genuinely wish to do it
(Baumeister and Exline, 1999). We speculate that the dFMC may
be involved in those aspects of behavior and personality that
reflect “self-control” (Northoff and Bermpohl, 2004). Identifying
specific brain processes and regions that are central to individuals’
personalities, and are also of social and legal importance, may
have profound neuroethical implications.



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