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02 oct. 2007



071002[mz1]-1 social anxiety; blushing; self-focused attention
The effect of attentional focus on social anxiety

071002[mz1]-2 disinhibited eating; dieting; avoidant coping style; overeating(icecream)
The moderating effect of avoidant coping on restrained eaters’ risk for
disinhibited eating: Implications for dietary relapse prevention

071002[mz1]-3 food cravings; chocolate(Hershey's Kisses); Power of Food Scale; coping
A comparison of acceptance- and control-based strategies for coping with food cravings:
An analog study

071002[mz1]-4 OCD; guilt; affect-as-information
Feeling guilty as a source of information about threat and performance

071002[mz1]-5 rumination; depression; autobiographical memory
Rumination and overgeneral autobiographical memory

071002[mz1]-6 depression; implicit self-esteem; name letter effect
Implicit but not explicit self-esteem predicts future depressive symptomatology

071002[mz1]-7 anxiety sensitivity; intolerance of uncetainty; fear
Anxiety sensitivity and intolerance of uncertainty: Requisites of the fundamental fears?

071002[mz1]-8 worry; perceived threat
Perceived threat: Exploring its association with worry and its hypothesized antecedents

071002[mz1]-9 perfectionism; judgmental bias

The Relationship of Perfectionism to Judgmental Bias and Psychopathology

071002[mz1]-10 depression; hopelessness theory; sociotropy/autonomy; experience sampling
A Daily Life Comparison of Sociotropy-Autonomy and Hopelessness Theories of Depression



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