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08 oct. 2007


071008[mz3]-1 interpersonal rejection sensitivity
Social antecedents and consequences of interpersonal rejection sensitivity
「対人拒否感受性」を高める要因は?→"teasing during childhood"(子ども時代のからかい)

071008[mz3]-2 interpersonal curiosity
Dimensionality of interpersonal curiosity

071008[mz3]-3 antisocial; aggression; rule-breaking
Differential affective responses in those with aggressive
versus non-aggressive antisocial behaviors


071008[mz3]-4 BIS; BAS; psychopathy
Gray’s model and psychopathy: BIS but not BAS differentiates
primary from secondary psychopathy in noninstitutionalized young adults

primary psychopathyとBIS,psychopathy overallとBAS。

071008[mz3]-5 personality disorder structure
Frequency and structure of DSM-IV personality disorder traits in college students

071008[mz3]-6 trait meta-mood; somatization; life satisfaction
Trait meta-mood and affect as predictors of somatic symptoms and life satisfaction

071008[mz3]-7 intrusive memories
The effect of avoidant tendencies on the intensity of intrusive memories
in a community sample of college students


071008[mz3]-8 autism spectrum quotient
Examination of the reliability and factor structure of the Autism Spectrum Quotient (AQ)
in a non-clinical sample



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