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10 oct. 2007


Behav. Res. Ther. 45-11です。

071010[mz1]-1 intrusive thoughts; thought suppression; thought-action fusion; coping: OCD
Role of thought-related beliefs and coping strategies in the escalation of intrusive thoughts:
An analog to obsessive–compulsive disorder


071010[mz1]-2 intrusions; trauma
The effect of cognitive load and hyperarousal on negative intrusive memories

071010[mz1]-3 anhedonia; stress; depression
Increased perceived stress is associated with blunted hedonic capacity:
Potential implications for depression research

perceived stressの高低と課題遂行・報酬応答性・アンヘドニア→抑うつ

071010[mz1]-4 thought suppression; intrusions; depression
Investigation of the indulgence cycles hypothesis of suppression
on experimentally induced visual intrusions in dysphoria

思考抑制→表出,を繰り返すとどうなるか。→→secondary rebound effectの出現。

071010[mz1]-5 mental contamination; OCD
Vulnerability to mental contamination
"forced kiss"イメージ条件と"consensual kiss"イメージ条件。「心的汚染感」とあれこれの特性との関連。

071010[mz1]-6 obsesions
Content difference between normal and abnormal obsessions



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