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14 avr. 2008

080414[mz1]J. Anx. Disord, 22-4


080414[mz1]-1 checking compulsions; prospective memory
Sub-clinical checking compulsions are related to impaired prospective memory
independently of depression, anxiety and distractibility

展望記憶(prospective memory)と確認強迫の関係。
impaired prospective memory → intrusive doubts(specific tasks were not performed)
→ compulsion to check。

080414[mz1]-2 working memory; spider phobia; attentional blink
How preferential is the preferential encoding of threatening stimuli?
Working memory biases in specific anxiety and the Attentional Blink



080414[mz1]-3 social anxiety; social interaction anxiety; negative interpretations of positive events
Social anxiety and the interpretation of positive social events


080414[mz1]-4 ambivalent engagement; purposeful engagement; social anxiety; GAD
Measurement of ambivalent and purposeful engagement
after aversive social experiences

1)ambivalent engagement(「考えないようにする」系),
2)purposeful engagement(「よい方に考える」系)

080414[mz1]-5 disgust sensitivity; contamination fear; washing; OCD
Disgust sensitivity as a predictor of obsessive-compulsive
contamination symptoms and associated cognitions


080414[mz1]-6 fear of bodily sensations; body hypervigilance; uncued panic attacks;
          emotion regulation

An examination of the fear of bodily sensations and body hypervigilance
as predictors of emotion regulation difficulties among individuals with
a recent history of uncued panic attacks



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