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22 nov. 2009


091122[mz3]-3 risk regulation; perceived regard; avoidance
When self-protection overreaches:
Relationship-specific threat activates domain-general avoidance motivation



On Friday night, James and Helen are deliberating over the menu of a new restaurant. Although things start out pleasantly, Helen’s vacillation between options and James’ pointed comment about her having “commitment issues” triggers an argument about their relationship that leaves James doubting Helen’s true feelings toward him. For the rest of their meal, James is particularly withdrawn. On the drive home, he deviates from his usual tendency to drive fast and instead, takes great care not to exceed the speed limit. To Helen’s annoyance, James stops for gas despite having some left in the tank and informs her that “One can never be too careful.”




« 091122[mz3]「すべきこと」と「したいこと」の非対称な関係 | Accueil | 「心の余裕のなさ」の中身 »

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