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14 déc. 2009

091214[mz1]J. Anx. Disord. 24-1

こちらも ふるてくすとあう゛ぇいらぶる。

091214[mz1]-1 fear; ANT; executive attention
The effect of fear on attentional processing in a sample of healthy females

ANT(executive attention/orienting/alerting)のうち
executive attentionをエンハンス(無関連情報を抑制し,ターゲットへの反応が速くなる)。

091214[mz1]-2 disgust; extinction
Looking beyond fear: The extinction of other emotions implicated in anxiety disorders


091214[mz1]-3 cognitive bias modification; anxiety sensitivity
Modifying interpretations among individuals high in anxiety sensitivity

不安感受性の高い人々へのcognitive bias modificationの実験的スタディ。
あいまいシナリオに含まれるword fragmentsにアルファベットを入れて

091214[mz1]-4 looming cognitive style; anxiety sensitivity; stress generation
Cognitive vulnerability to anxiety in the stress generation process:
Interaction between the Looming Cognitive Style and Anxiety Sensitivity



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