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07 mars 2010




100307[mz1]-3 self-compassion; rumination; worry; depression; anxiety
Rumination and worry as mediators of the relationship
between self-compassion and depression and anxiety

(定義 → "being open to and moved by one's own suffering,
experiencing feelings of caring and kindness toward oneself,
taking an understanding, nonjudgmental attitudetoward one’s
inadequacies and failures, and recognizing that one's experience
is part of the common human experience")

(6側面 → self-kindness, self-judgment, common humanity,
isolation, mindfulness, and over-identification)


self-compassion →(-) 反すう(brooding) →(+)→ 抑うつ。

self-compassion →(-)→ 反すう(brooding) →(+)→ 抑うつ。
self-compassion →(-)→ 心配 →(+)→ 抑うつ。


« 100307[mz1]「社交不安における自伝的記憶」&「情動/情動障害における心的イメージ」 | Accueil | 3838 »

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