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08 juil. 2010

100708[bx2] "romantic rejection"



100708[bx2]-2 romantic rejection; fMRI
Reward, Addiction, and Emotion Regulation Systems
Associated With Rejection in Love




Conclusion をそのまま転記してしまおうか:

We identified group regional activations related to a naturally
occurring, emotionally chaotic, motivational state that
may have value for survival and reproduction, namely to win
back a mate. We do not know whether the activation in the
VTA, nucleus accumbens, and an extended forebrain gain/loss
system in this group of individuals was adaptive or maladaptive
for them, but it indicates the motivational relevance of the
rejecter. Also the involvement of the dopamine-rich mesolimbic
regions suggest behavior associated with romantic rejection
has a basis in mammalian, (not only human) drives. Thus this
brain imaging study of individuals who were still “in love”
with their rejecter supplies further evidence that the passion of
“romantic love” is a goal-oriented motivation state rather than
a specific emotion (Aron and Aron 1991; Aron et al. 2005).
Moreover, the fMRI results of the study show that looking at a
romantic rejecter and cocaine craving have several neural
correlates in common. The findings are consistent with the
hypothesis that romantic rejection is a specific form of addiction
(Fisher 2004). The perspective that rejection in love
involves subcortical reward gain/loss systems critical to survival
helps to explain why feelings and behaviors related to
romantic rejection are difficult to control and lends insight into
the high cross-cultural rates of stalking, homicide, suicide, and
clinical depression associated with rejection in love.



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「目標指向型動機づけ状態」(goal-oriented motivation state)

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