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20 févr. 2011

102220[bx2] 覚えるときに覚えようとして眠るからよく思い出せる


102220[bx2]-1 memory consolidation; learning; sleep; directed forgetting
Sleep Contributes to the Strengthening of Some Memories Over Others,
Depending on Hippocampal Activity at Learning

指示忘却("to be remembered"(TBR) / "to be forgotten"(TBF))×睡眠の有無




These results shed new light on the role of sleep in memory
consolidation, providing evidence that during sleep, relevant
items that subjects memorized are consolidated to a greater
degree than irrelevant information that subjects do not intend to
learn. This process, which hinders consolidation of irrelevant
information in favor of pertinent items, is contingent upon a
differential hippocampal activity at encoding between memories
to strengthen and those to erase or weaken. Our results indicate
that brain activity at learning is crucial to determine the fate of
relevant and irrelevant memories during subsequent sleep



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