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01 mai 2011

110501[mz1] J.Behav.Ther.Exp.Psychiatry 42-3



110501[mz1]-1 OCD; perseverative reasoning; uncertainty
Obsessive-compulsive-like reasoning makes an unlikely catastrophe more credible

110501[mz1]-2 cognitive error modification; cognitive bias modification
Modifying cognitive errors promotes cognitive well being:
A new approach to bias modification

110501[mz1]-3 Single Target Implicit Association Test (STIAT); spider fear
Task-irrelevant spider associations affect categorization performance

110501[mz1]-4 OCD; growth curve modeling
Longitudinal aspects of obsessive compulsive cognitions in a non-clinical sample:
A five-year follow-up study

110501[mz1]-5 OCD; interpretation training
Training interpretation biases among individuals with symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder

110501[mz1]-6 social anxiety; eye movements
Face value: Eye movements and the evaluation of facial crowds in social anxiety

110501[mz1]-7 contamination; disgust; OCD; exposure; safety behaviours
Exposure plus response prevention versus exposure plus safety behaviours
in reducing feelings of contamination, fear, danger and disgust.
An extended replication of Rachman, Shafran, Radomsky & Zysk (2011)

110501[mz1]-8 optimism; best possible self(BPS)
Become more optimistic by imagining a best possible self:
Effects of a two week intervention


110501[mz1]-9 tonic immobility; attentional control; intrusions
Attentional control affects the relationship between tonic immobility and intrusive memories

110501[mz1]-10 food; overeating; impulsivity; inhibition
Overcoming the urge to splurge:
Influencing eating behavior by manipulating inhibitory control

110501[mz1]-11 contamination; disgust; OCD; exposure; safety behaviours
Reducing contamination by exposure plus safety behaviour


7と11は,「安全行動」safety behavioursがそんなに悪くないという話でしょうか。


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