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30 oct. 2011

111030[mz3] 恋人(とかその可能性がある人)の身体的魅力


111030[mz3]-1 phyisical attractiveness; mating; mate preferences
Implicit and explicit preferences for physical attractiveness in a romantic partner:
A double dissociation in predictive validity.


二重乖離(double dissociation)を示すというところ。

The most novel and exciting contribution of the present research is the double dissociation in predictive validity: Explicit preferences predicted participants' romantic interest in people of the opposite sex seen in photographs but not a live interaction partner, whereas implicit preferences predicted participants' romantic interest in a live partner but not people shown in photographs. Why did this double dissociation emerge? One promising explanation draws from the associative–propositional evaluation model (Gawronski & Bodenhausen, in press) and other contemporary perspectives on attitudes (Dovidio et al., 2002; Wilson et al., 2000). Implicit measures, on the one hand, assess spontaneous affect and are likely to predict behavior (a) that reflects momentary feelings or gut reactions (e.g., Ranganath et al., 2008) and/or (b) when the situation is ambiguous or complex and a variety of interpretations are available (e.g., Gawronski et al., 2003). The evaluation of a live potential romantic partner has precisely these two features: People generally believe that it is appropriate to use affect when making romantic decisions (e.g., Simpson et al., 1986), and live interactions are undoubtedly complex, as real human beings possess countless traits that interact in a variety of ways (Asch, 1946; Eastwick et al., 2011). Explicit measures, on the other hand, assess propositional beliefs about the truth or falsity of a statement. Therefore, when people evaluate photographs or other simple stimuli, they rely on propositional beliefs to make their evaluations, as in the current study (see also Sritharan et al., 2010).

 顕在指標のほうは,'propositional beliefs' に依拠している(にすぎない)ということです。



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