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06 mai 2012

120506[bx2] non-object directed actionでは

object-directed action のようにはミラーシステムを賦活しない。

120506[bx2]-1 mirror system; object-directed(transitive); non object-related(intransitive)
Dissociating Object Directed and Non-Object Directed Action in the Human Mirror System:
Implications for Theories of Motor Simulation


"These data indicate that there is no single general purpose neural system for
matching all observed actions with their motor counterpart, but a system biased
for matching observed and executed object directed actions."

シミュレーション説(motor simulation theories of cognition)・
直接マッチング仮説(direct matching hypothesis)はもう少し考えましょう,と。


失行症研究で論じられるところの模倣障害のうち,他動詞的行為(transitive actions)に比べ,
自動詞的行為(intransitive actions)あるいは無意味動作の模倣に強い障害を呈する患者が
存在することを考えてみても,そう単純な 'single general purpose neural system' であれこれ


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